Training Information


Our training philosophy is simple- it's all about you. We listen to your goals, needs and challenges and create a plan around these things. We expect you to work hard, but we also make it fun and incorporate enough rest so you can absorb your training and get stronger, faster and fitter. We like to help everyone get fit, but we specialize in endurance coaching, beginner strength training, flexibility training and core-based training. Our studio is small, but completely private so you don't have to worry about anyone but you when you're working out. No distractions and no excuses!

Endurance Run Coaching- As a former Division 1 cross country runner and current ultra runner, our trainer knows running. She understands the challenges, the ups, the downs and the ultimate elation when you meet your goal. We start with a detailed questionnaire to find out everything we can to create a plan for you- your goals, how often and when you can run, your past running, etc.  We create a plan to help you reach your goals, send you a weekly workouts created just for you, correspond with you daily via email and text messages and even send you homemade core videos to complement your training. Expect to work hard and rest hard to meet your goal, but be ready for some fun too!

Beginner Strength Training- One of our passions is helping people new to fitness find a way to enjoy working out. We listen- and then we design your workouts to keep you challenged but smiling. Do you have to work hard to get fit? Yes. Does it have to suck? Never.

Flexibility and Mobility Training- We all lose flexibility as we get older and sometimes plain old stretching just doesn't help. We use a combination a assisted stretching, yoga, Pilates, flossing and self-massage techniques to create a plan to help you get this back. Our trainer spends time every day working on her own mobility so she knows- it's tough but it's worth it to move with less pain!

Core-Based Training-You need a strong core to support you every day. It's simple. Without it you'll have crappy posture and end up in pain. Our core routines blend floor work, Pilates, balance moves, yoga and some functional strength training to help you get your core back. The six-pack is optional.