Our Services

At Mighty Fit Chick, we provide all the services to help you reach your full potential. We believe the proper balance of smart exercise, healthy food and efficient recovery can help you reach your peak fitness while enjoying the process.

Massage Therapy, Cupping and Cranio-Sacral THerapy

Massage isn't just for relaxation! It can also help relieve muscle tension, increase recovery time and improve range of motion. We incorporate deep tissue, sports, trigger point, acupressure, lymph, Thai and Swedish massage techniques, as well as cupping and reflexology, into each therapeutic session designed to meet your individual needs.  Cupping is an ancient technique using negative pressure to pull, lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues.


Personal Training and Endurance Coaching

We love to see people kick butt. When we train or coach clients, it becomes our mission to help them reach their goals.  We strive big in our own lives and nothing gives us greater than seeing our clients do the same. Whether you're training to PR in a 5K, aiming to finish a 50 miler or starting an exercise program to lose weight, we take pride in guiding the process and cheering you on! We offer personal training at our Woodbury, MN location and remote endurance coaching is done via telephone and internet.

Nutrition and Health consultation

Our approach to nutrition and health is all about balance. We aim to create a program you can live with for the long-term so you can feel your best without feeling like you're on a diet. We start by listening. Then we create a plan to meet your specific health needs, food choices and lifestyle. Our nutrition plans include food, supplement and lifestyle change recommendations. We offer remote, online, nutrition and holistic health consultation as well as appointments at our Woodbury, MN location.