Massage Information

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Unlike many popular massage spas, at Mighty Fit Chick when we offer you and hour massage you actually get a 60 minute massage. As long as you arrive on time, your time starts when you're on the table, not the second you walk in our door. This extra time allows us to offer a higher quality massage then you will often get during the 50 minute massages many spas provide. 

We offer therapeutic massage, cupping and craniosacral therapy at both our Woodbury and Stillwater locations.

Therapeutic Massage- We specialize in deep tissue and trigger point massage at Mighty Fit Chick, but we also incorporate Swedish, Thai, acupressure and sports massage techniques, as well as assisted stretching into our massages. We'll spend time listening to your needs before your first massage so we can create a massage just for you!

Cupping- Our cupping sessions are a great way to ease tension or relieve pain in one area of the body. We'll spend time discussing your issues and then place cups on specific acupressure and trigger points on your body. During your session, we may also move the cups along your tissue, which can help relieve tension in the myofascial tissue.  PLEASE NOTE: Cupping can leave marks on your body. We do not advise scheduling a cupping session before an event where you may need to show some skin!

Craniosacral Therapy- Craniosacral therapy is a gentle method used to release restrictions in the craniosacral system (the membranes and fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord). During your session, we will often hold single positions for minutes at a time, allowing your body to release when it is ready. Craniosacral therapy is often used for migraines, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety and chronic fatigue. Our therapist will discuss any health issues with you before your session. PLEASE NOTE: Our craniosacral therapy sessions only include craniosacral and acrupressure techniques. If you wish to have any other technique during your session, please book a therapeutic massage.